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7 Indian Rituals That Are Surprisingly Logical: Quite Fitness


Quite Fitness

Rituals are some physical activities which help us either physically or mentally.

So here,7 Indian Rituals That Are Surprisingly Logical: Quite Fitness but mostly in an indirect way.

There are many Indian traditional rituals among which the Hindu rituals gain higher importance.

Due to the scientific reasons and therefore the amount of discipline involved in them.

Hindu Rituals form a structure that creates life easier.

So here,7 Indian Rituals That Are Surprisingly Logical: Quite Fitness

Many have scientifically proven health benefits behind them.

They need  follow through ages and passed on for generations.

The rituals orient you on where you and what you ought to be doing.

Most rituals are like an invisible watch, for instance , if you’re doing Surya Namaskar then it must the time for Sunrise.

So let’s start with our precious topic that is 7 Indian Rituals That Are Surprisingly Logical: Quite Fitness….


Quite Fitness

Navrati means night or auspicious nights, observed once at the start of summer and once at the start of winter.

And since the Navrati festival is round the corner, there are many rituals.

Customs followed during this prestigious festival of 9 days.

If you observe the pattern, this festival is widely known at the 2 junctures of seasonal change, during summer and winter.

Because the seasons change the inner chemistry of citizenry also changes.

Therefore, during this transition, the body’s immunity goes downhill;

we are more susceptible to infections. So observing fast found to an intelligent thanks to handle things .

albeit you’re not fasting, it advised to stay your diet light during Navaratris.

This is so-called superstition wasn’t only how to stop diseases.

But day be a smart half-yearly detox routine.

Whether it’s Ayurveda or modern science both are unanimous about the advantages of fasting even spiritually ancient seers.                                                 a sintsfound Navaratri nights to be more conducive for ‘sadhana’, overall Navaratri is a chance to get older physically also as spiritually.


7 Indian Rituals That Are Surprisingly Logical

Tulsi or Tulasi, also commonly mention as Holy Basil, is one among the foremost sacre plants in Hindu belief.

Scientifically called Ocimum Tenuiflorum, it regards by Hindus.

Because the actual earthly manifestation of Goddess Tulsi, who was an excellent devotee of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu.

Hence, the utilization of Tulsi leaves is mandatory within the worship of Vishnu and every one his forms, like Krishna, Pandurang, Rama then on.

Hindus believe that the presence of a Tulsi plant within the home is capable of avoiding negativity and evil spirits.

Hence, most Hindus grow this plant ahead of, inside or near their home.

those that have enough space ahead of their house often construct special cuboid structures referred.

Tulsi Vrindavan, so as to let their Tulsi grow densely.

This structure typically placed right within the center of the courtyard of their house.

this plant cultivated for both religious and medicinal purposes.

Regular consumption of the Tulsi leaf take into account to excellent for the throat.

And it also known for its volatile oil . it believed to possess many other health benefits also .

Each and each a part of the Tulsi plant  taken into account to be sacred. Even the soil around it revered as being holy.

The Padma Purana states that an individual who cremated with Tulsi twigs in his pyre immediately gains moksha (liberation) and finds an area in Vishnu’s Vaikuntha.

that’s why people often offer a touch water mixed with Tulsi leaves to the dying; to assist their souls ascend more easily and reach the Lotus Feet of the Supreme.


7 Indian Rituals That Are Surprisingly Logical

Applying Tilak may be a familiar ritual in India. it applied on the spot that lies between our eyebrows, mentioned because the ‘Agna chakra’.

the importance of applying tilaks at that specific point helps to conserve the subtle energy of our body and keeps us focused.

Our ancestors, used sandalwood, turmeric, and saffron paste, which is sort of effective if applied to the ‘Agna chakra’.

Married women wearing a silver ring on their second toe finger.

it adorned because a specific nerve of this finger connects with the uterus and keeps it healthy by regulating the blood flow.

Therefore wearing a toe ring helps in regulating the cycle of the ladies .

In India, you’ll not encounter one woman without an ear piercing because it is a crucial century old tradition that’s religiously followed by Hindus.

consistent with the Indian physicians and philosophers, piercing ears helps in developing intellect and decision-making power.

aside from this, it also solves the matter associat with speech, reduces the impertinent behavior and makes the ear channels free from disorders.

Sindoor  taken into account to be a keepsake of marriage. most girls don’t know that sindoor bears physiological significance also .

this is often because it prepared by mixing turmeric-lime and mercury which helps in controlling vital sign and activates sexual drive. Therefore, widows don’t allow to use it.


7 Indian Rituals That Are Surprisingly Logical

Our body includes magnetic flux and Earth may be a giant magnet.

once we sleep by keeping our head towards north, body’s magnetic flux gets completely uneven to the Earth’s magnetic flux .

that makes problems connected to vital sign and our heart requires working harder to beat this irregularity of Magnetic fields.

one more reason is that physical body features a batch of iron in our blood.

once we sleep by keeping our head towards North, iron from the entire body starts to assemble within the brain.

this will create a headache, Alzheimer’s Disease, Cognitive Decline, Parkinson disease and brain degeneration.


Our Ancestors Stressed On the very fact That Our Meals Should  Started Off With Something Spicy And Sweet Dishes Should Be Taken Towards the top .

the importance Of This Eating Practice Is That While Spicy Things Activate The Digestive Juices And Acids And make sure that

The Digestion Process Goes On Smoothly And Efficiently, Sweets Or Carbohydrates Pulls Down The Digestive Process.

Hence, Sweets Always Recommended To Be Taken As a final Item.


As per modern psychology, man shapes his thoughts as per the object he sees. Man’s thinking changes according to the objects he sees.

Idolatry  observed in ancient India so that people can absorb the shape of idols in their minds and thereby concentrate;

This is the way to gain spiritual energy without losing concentration.

An idol in the temple can help increase concentration while offering prayers.


Quite Fitness

Magnetic and electric waves are constantly passing under the earth;

once we build a temple, architects and engineers select a bit of land where these waves are available in plenty.

The chief idol placed within the centre of the temple;

This place is additionally referred to as Garbhagriha or Moolsthana. The temple is made around once the idol placed (Pran Pratistha).

The idol placed where magnetic waves are highly active. During the location of idol, we bury some copper plates beneath the idol;

the plates are inscribed with Vedic scripts; these copper plates absorb magnetic waves from the world and radiate it to the environment .

So if an individual regularly visits a temple and walks round the idol clockwise, his/her body absorbs the magnetic waves.

people that regularly visit temple receive this positive energy and live a healthy life.

So these are some Indian Rituals That Are Surprisingly Logical: Quite Fitness……

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