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5 Shocking Truth About Sugar : Quite Fitness

5 Shocking Truth About Sugar

5 Shocking Truth About Sugar

Sugar is addictive. That’s why your body craves it. And that’s why numerous food manufacturers sprinkle it into their products. It drives you to shop for more of the foods you crave.

Once inside your body, sugar is digested and weakened by the tiny intestine into glucose.

From there, glucose is release into the bloodstream and deliver to the remainder of your body.

where your muscles, organs and other tissues convert it into energy or store it for later.

Your pancreas monitors your blood sugar levels and produces insulin to assist control it.

It makes the choice on when to place glucose into energy reserves.

When blood glucose levels are high and you’ve got more glucose than your body needs, your cells become insulin-resistant, the controls break down.

your blood glucose rises to dangerous levels that have serious health effects, so 5 Shocking Truth About Sugar can  explain you why its harmful.



A link between sugar and cancer, and in light of several ground-breaking studies over the past decade, there’s now a many scientific evidence to copy these suspicions.

sugar not only being a fuel source for existing cancers

but also cites it as a primary think about the initiation of cancerous characteristics in previously healthy cells.

The study goes on to suggest that instead of increase glycolysis (the breakdown of glucose to supply energy) being a consequence of cancer.

It’s rather the activation of sugar-based metabolism during a cell drive by high sugar quantities on the cell wall that really causes cancer to make within the first place.

2.Overweight and obesity

There are few easier ways to gain the pounds than by eating a high sugar diet.

This is often largely thanks to the sugar, fructose, found mainly in fruit juices, wheat products and “high fructose corn syrup”.

Which is most ordinarily add  to food by manufacturers because it is sweeter and cheaper that sucrose (table sugar).

There is no hormone to get rid of fructose from our bloodstream, and really few of our bodies’ cells can make use of it.

Therefore, it’s left to the liver to get rid of it. When the liver is overwhelm by an excessive amount of of this sugar,

It converts it to fat – which ultimately results in insulin resistance, hardening of the arteries and, of course, obesity.

Fructose is known to cause weight gain by interfering with the way our bodies answer the hormone, leptin.

Leptin is secret by fat cells – the larger they’re.

the more they secrete – to inform the brain that we’ve adequate fat stores and, therefore, don’t got to keep eating.

However, high fructose levels can block the transport of leptin from the blood to the brain.

making it incorrectly believe that the body must eat more and burn less so as to replenish our fat stores.

3.Cardiovascular disease

Heart disease may be a leading explanation for death (occurring 15-20 years before the worldwide average), and once more our high sugar intake is that the biggest contributor to increases in rates of those diseases.

When we eat high amounts of sugar, our bodies release insulin to urge excess glucose out of the bloodstream and into our cells.

The upper the extent of glucose in our blood, the upper the quantity of insulin released.

While this is often a wonderfully natural response to sugar in our bloodstream, when insulin is chronically high. (which it’s for many people adhering thereto Western diet high in sugars and grains and processed foods).

Tt causes inflammation and damages the liner of our blood vessels, resulting in a number of cardiovascular-related concerns.


One in five folks here within the Emirates is diabetic – and therefore the remainder of the planet doesn’t fare far better either.

The disease affects nine per cent of the worldwide adult population and is liable for a staggering 1.5 million deaths round the world annually .

Or to place it differently , one person dies from diabetes every seven seconds.

Many medical professionals have stopped in need of placing the blame for the sort 2 diabetes epidemic at sugar’s door, pointing to other factors like a sedentary lifestyle.

The correlation between this all-to-common affliction and sugar intake.

The reality is that the link is extremely easy to explain:

If you consume a diet consistently high in sugar (150 pounds per year) and grains (200 pounds per year) and processed foods (full of sugars and trans fats), your blood sugar levels are going to be chronically elevate.

The pancreas then becomes overworked and even damaged.

The body becomes desensitize to insulin, and therefore the outcome is insulin resistance and eventually full-blown diabetes.

5.Liver Disease

Perhaps the smallest amount publish health complaint on our list is liver disease disease.

Once more , this particular problem is caused by your body’s least favorite sugar – fructose.

As liver cells are the sole ones which will break down fructose, they set about turning the sugar into fat during a process called lipogenesis.

Over time, and given enough fructose, fat droplets start to accumulate within the liver cells, which ultimately leads to non-alcoholic disease – so called because the effect is far an equivalent as that which alcohol has on the liver.

Like alcohol damage, if left untreated the liver becomes scarred, resulting in irreversible cirrhosis and irreparable damage.

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