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5 Effective Pranayama-Regulation Of Breath: Quite Fitness

5 Effective Pranayama-Regulation Of Breath

:>5 Effective Pranayama-Regulation Of Breath “

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Updated on April 22nd, 2021.
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5 Effective Pranayama-Regulation Of Breath

As we know that ‘Pranayama‘ is…

a Sanskrit word that…

loosely translates…

to ‘control of breath.

‘Prana’ means breath.

or vital force and…

Ayama means to regulate.

Prana means ‘life force’…

or ‘breath’ and…

Ayama means ‘control’…

or ‘restraint.’

Breath is taken into account.

the foremost important.

sort of prana

The flow of energy within the body.

and a link between…

body, mind and spirit.

Pranayama balances and.

cleanses the mind and body

by eliminating excess CO2…

and providing an upscale.

supply of oxygen to the blood.

The advantages of pranayama are…

physical, mental…

emotional and spiritual.

Pranayama techniques specialise.

in one or more of the…

four parts of the breath:

  1. Inhalation
  2. Internal retention
  3. Exhalation
  4. External retention

The exhalation is claimed.

to be the foremost important…

a part of the breath… –

Only we will exhale and.

empty fully can we take.

a full new inhalation.

Here we discuss…

5 Effective Pranayama-Regulation of breath for your healthy life.

The most significant…

health benefits of…

Pranayama consistent…

with Ayurveda are –

  • Improves Cardiovascular health.
  • Reduces risk of Hypertension.
  • Improves Lung function.
  • Treats Depression.
  • Weight loss.
  • Detoxification.
  • Strengthens system
  • Improves Mental Concentration
  • Good for Skin health

Importance Of : Pranayama

Pranayama strengthens the muscles.

utilized in breathing,

Increasing our lung capacity.

and improving circulation.

throughout the body.

By exhaling excess CO2 and.

inhaling oxygen.

breath-work can enhance.

the functioning of internal organs and.

boost the system .

Focusing on our breath sends.

more oxygen to the brain.

improving mental clarity, focus…

concentration and a spotlight .

Breathing helps us to interact.

higher order thinking skills.

to market thought organization, good…

deciding and planning skills.

Pranayama helps us to abandoning.

of negative thoughts and emotions.

That specialize in our breath activates.

the parasympathetic system nervous.

reducing the fight or flight response.

and producing a way of calm.

This supports emotional intelligence.

by helping us to hamper and.

identify emotions in ourselves.

1.Kapalbhati : Pranayama

This Pranayama is…

extremely effective.

Also in curing stomach disorder…

obesity, digestive disorder and.

lots of problems.

associated with stomach.


Sit on a flat floor folding your legs.

keeping the spine straight.

and shut the eyes.

Keep the proper palm on.

right knee and.

left palm on left knee.

Now take a deep breath and.

exhale with all of your force…

so your stomach will go.

far inside.

Do not stress on inhaling.

Inhalation shouldn’t.

involve any effort.

Inhaling are going to be.

done automatically…

after each exhaling.

2.Nadi Shodhna : (Pranayama)

This pranayama is one among.

the superb breathing exercises.

Regular practice offers.

an energy boost.

within the body and.

releases stress and anxiety.

It should be practiced within.

the morning in fresh air.

with empty stomach.


Sit comfortably on flat ground.

Now close right nose with.

Right thumb and

breathe from left nose.

Then close left.

nostril with middle.

and annularly and exhale.

From right nostril.

Do the repetition.

3.bhramari : pranayama

it’s the simplest.

breathing exercise…

in calming your mind.


Sit comfortably.

on a flat ground.

and Place your index.

fingers on the forehead.

and with the remaining fingers.

close your eyes.

Start slowly inhaling through.

both the nostril deeply.

and slowly.


4.Sheetali : pranayama

It’s an excellent pranayama…

pose for stress, anxiety and tension.

hands on the knees.

in Jnana mudra and eyes closed.

and curl the sides inwards.

to make a tube.

and Inhale slowly then…

deeply through the tube

Retain the breath.

Straighten your head and.

exhale through the nose.

until all air is expelled.


5.ujjayi : pranayama

It’s a rhythmic sound.

which may help to focus.

your mind.

movement using your breath.

Here is the way to do it:

Begin during a…

comfortable position.

Breathe through your mouth.

Constrict the rear of your throat.

(imagine you’re trying…

to overcast a mirror.)

Then close your mouth.

Continue to breathe.

through the nose.

keeping the throat constrict.

This is one cycle;

continue for five to 10 cycles.

6.Viloma : Pranayama

Here is how you are doing.

it through paused inhalation:

Inhale for 2 to 3 seconds then pause.

Restart inhalation after.

an interruption of two seconds.

Repeat the method until…

your lungs are full…

Exhale slowly.

That’s the cycle complete;

repeat for 3 to 5 minutes.


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