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4 Easy Steps To Cure PCOD/PCOS: Quite Fitness

4 Easy Steps To Cure PCOD/PCOS

So lets continue our today’s topic4 Easy Steps To Cure PCOD/PCOS.

PolycystiOvarian Diseases (PCOD) or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome( PCOS)

It has taken the planet of girls by storm. it’s a serious issue concerning an enormous chunk of young females in India presently.

It’s found mostly at an early age, therefore,

A considerable number of young adults undergo this problem.

This is often a standard endocrine disorder of unknown etiology, affecting 5-10% of girls of reproductive age.

The typical age affected by PCOD varies between 18 and 45 years.

it’s important for the youth to know this disease at its onset,

along side the causes and implications within the future.

PCOD/PCOS is characterized by multiple small cysts within the ovaries.

It makes the ovary enlarged and cause excessive production of androgen and oestrogen hormones causing various bodily issues

Causes of PCOD

The explanation for PCOD remains unknown.

However, the association of PCOD with low-grade inflammation,

excess insulin, production of male hormones (Hyperandrogenism) in high quantity and genetics are often found.

It’s causes because of early age of menarche, unhealthy lifestyle and pollution are a number of the contributing factors of PCOD.

Symptoms of PCOD

  • Irregular periods, occurring every 2 to three months (amenorrhea)
  •  Heavy bleeding (Menorrhagia)
  •  Unusual body and facial hair growth (hirsutism)
  • Stubborn acne that refuses to heal with the standard treatments. this is often thanks to excess peripheral androgen.
  • Uncontrolled weight gain round the waist area especially
  • Pigmentation or darkening of the skin round the neck region (Acanthosis nigricans)
  • Infertility
  • Male-pattern baldness
  • Headaches


Uncontrolled PCOD can cause numerous problems like difficulty in conceiving,

increased risk for early onset of type 2 diabetes.

Patients with PCOS who become pregnant are at increased risk for perinatal complications.

Additionally , they need increased future risk of endometrial cancers.

Other complications include increased cholesterol levels, high vital sign and even carcinoma

so without wasting any time let’s start 4 Easy Steps To Cure PCOD/PCOS.

5 Easy Steps To Cure PCOD/PCOS



Intermittent Fasting and PCOS/PCOD
There are a few of of the way that i feel

we could use fasting to work out improvements in our PCOS symptoms.

watching the list above, let’s have a glance at how sort of this stuff might apply to us.

  • Weight loss

For so many of us living with PCOS,

we all know only too well that it’s so tricky to reduce with PCOS which we seem to place it on so easily.

It’s so frustrating!

which we are told over and another time that we’d wish to scale back

“We’ll be fine” but nobody actually tells us the because of reduce with PCOS.

Our body’s tendency to over produce insulin

thus the link between PCOS and insulin suggests that prime insulin levels are at the middle of our seeming inability to reduce .

something that intermittent fasting can improve as insulin levels begin to lower.

Studies have also shown that intermittent fasting are often an efficient weight loss strategy.

And remember, the foremost target here is managing insulin levels, not necessarily caloric restriction.

  • Lowered Insulin Levels

Well, we all know that insulin is closely linked with PCOS

which we all know that our ovaries tend to be over sensitive to insulin.

All women produce some testosterone from their ovaries.

Women with PCOS, however, produce an excessive amount of testosterone .

And it’s insulin that stimulates the discharge of testosterone from the ovaries .

So, by lowering insulin levels,

we’ll be ready to lower testosterone levels and be ready to better manage many the symptoms of PCOS.

  • Lowered Blood Cholesterol

Women with PCOS also tend to possess higher cholesterol and this puts us at greater risk of disorder .

If intermittent fasting can help improve cholesterol levels, this may additionally give us future health benefits.

  •   Reduction of Inflammation

Inflammation can make us feel uncomfortable and typically achey.

And if we were to possess a biopsy immediately ,

we’d probably see that our inflammatory markers are raised.

Women with PCOS/PCOD struggle with chronic low grade inflammation.

This inflammation also can decrease our body’s sensitivity to insulin.

So, we’d like more insulin than normal to affect blood glucose and this makes our general PCOS symptoms much worse.

So, anything we’ll do this will help to manage inflammation would be helpful for our PCOS.

Those are just a couple of of of the explanations

I feel that intermittent fasting could be helpful for women with PCOS.

Who Shouldn’t try Intermittent Fasting?

I’m getting to be honest here.

I don’t necessarily think that intermittent fasting is for everybody.

There are some women who should lookout of fasting and consult their doctor before they begin fasting.

Pregnant women – Fasting when pregnant isn’t an honest idea and may be avoided.

Women taking prescription medication – If you’re taking any prescription

medication, you would like to consult your doctor before trying any quite fasting.

Insulin sensitising drugs, like Metformin, can cause you to possess bouts of low sugar levels when fasting.

Anyone with a history of an disorder
Women who are already underweight
Time Restricted Eating.

hope you like 4 Easy Steps To Cure PCOD/PCOS.

When we eat?

Now you’d possibly be wondering the because of start with intermittent fasting.

How is to form the foremost of your current daily eating habits.

So, to urge started on intermittent fasting,

You’d wish to become more intentional about once you eat and aim to shorten the number of a while during which you eat.


4 Easy Steps To Cure PCOD/PCOS: Quite Fitness

PCOD and PCOS often affect the emotional well-being of a private

Women affected by these hormonal conditions are more susceptible to mental issues like depression.

Exercising even for half-hour a day can have a positive impact on the mood and may help to manage negative thoughts.

Hormonal imbalance often results in weight gain in women.

The fat is usually accumulated round the abdominal area,

which increases the danger of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular issues.

Eating healthy food and exercising daily, one can shed kilos and maintain healthy weight .

Exercising can help to ease your symptoms, promote good quality sleep and reduce the extent of stress,

all of which may help to extend the probabilities of getting pregnant.

Engaging in any quite physical activity can lower androgen levels within the body

Practising yoga are often differently to remain healthy when affected by hormonal health conditions.

This physical activity is taken into account best for managing the symptoms of all types of chronic diseases.

Yoga will help to calm your mind.


4 Easy Steps To Cure PCOD/PCOS: Quite Fitness

Water is vital for survival. for each body cells, tissues and organs. It pays a crucial role in almost every function of the body.

Women that suffer from PCOS has the danger of number of associated diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, heart ailments and better cholesterol levels.

And additionally weight issues may be a quite common symptom that ladies undergo with PCOS.

Now, you want to be wondering – why we first mentioned about water and shift to PCOs?

Well, it’s to inform you that water and other fluids may be a crucial a part of maintaining healthy lifestyle and diet with women with PCOS.

Water plays an important role in most human and in every one functionality like-

hope you like this post 4 Easy Steps To Cure PCOD/PCOS usefull and benifical

  1. Aids the body with adequate hydration
  2. Helps within the transportation of nutrients and oxygen through the blood
  3. Helps in regulation blood heat
  4. Works as an detoxifying agent, cleansing all toxins and wastes from the body
  5. Helping the cells maintain their shape and stability
  6. Helps within the lubrication of joints

It might be hard to believe that an easy thing like water could have numerous benefits for people that are diagnosed with PCOS.

For e.g. having a glass of warm water with some lemon in it’s a really healthy step towards an efficient PCOS diet.

Listed below are some health benefits of water in PCOS diet:

It keeps you hydrated

A glass of water, the primary thing within the morning won’t seem something very exciting, but doing so and doing during the day keeps you hydrated.

Staying hydrated is vital for several vital functions of the body, including removal of poisons and wastes from the body, maintaining blood heat and lubricating joints.

Improves brain functioning

A dash of lemon with some water may be a wonderful thing.

The vitamin C in lemon boosts immunity and therefore the all-powerful mineral potassium helps brain functioning and improved your overall health.

Water helps in cleaning the whole body including the liver during a natural and effective way.

Giver relief from pains and aches

Water is very beneficial for all those affected by PCOS and even have problems of arthritis. beverage helps keeping the uric acids levels down within the joints.

Acid build up within the joints result sin inflammation and pains within the joints with them who have arthritis.

Adding water or some flavored water is one among the simplest cure to ease out these pains and aches.

Cleanses the Liver

Our liver is responsible to perform a number of the vital functions within the body – procession proteins, removing toxins and filtering the blood.

Adding a couple of drop of lemon to the water we drink can aid the liver’s capacity to supply enzymes quite the other food that we eat.

Whereas water works as a natural cleanser, the vitamin C in lemon does its job of keeping the liver healthy and helping it function optimally.

As a general guideline, every one or anyone with PCOS should consume a minimum of two to 3 litres of water per day.

If you’ve got higher levels of physical activity or sleep in a neighborhood where the temperature is high or is affected by some kind of medical condition, you’ll require to require more water daily.


4 Easy Steps To Cure PCOD/PCOS: Quite Fitness


While fruits are carbohydrates, most fruits have a comparatively low glycemic index.4 you ought to aim to possess a minimum of two servings of fruit every day .


You should aim to erode least 2 1/2 cups of vegetables every day .

to incorporate more vegetables in your diet, make half your plate veggies at the most meals, refill on frozen vegetables, and buy vegetables that are easy to organize .

Vary your veggie choices to stay your meals interesting.

you’ll mix your favorite vegetables into omelets or frittatas, toss a couple of leafy greens into a smoothie, or add them to stir-fry’s or soups.

Beans and Legumes

For optimal health, have a couple of servings (1/2 cup each) of beans and legumes like lentils hebdomadally .

you’ll purchase canned, dried, or able to eat sorts of beans.

to feature these to your meals, top a salad with chickpeas, add black beans or white kidney beans to soups, or prepare main dishes that are meatless like taco salads, bean burgers, or falafel.

Healthy Fats

Healthy fats include vegetable oil and olives, nuts and spread , avocados, seeds, eggs, and fish.5 to include more of those healthy fats in your diet.

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thank you reading my post 4 Easy Steps To Cure PCOD/PCOS.



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